What Is LiFi And How It Works?

What is LiFi?

Currently in the world of internet about 60% information has been exchanged through WiFi technology. But there are some limitations of this technology. There are few complexity and the security is low. LiFi technology has been invented to solve these problems. LiFi is very safe, obtainable and cost effective technology for internet service. Today I will share you about the next generation internet technology LiFi.

Difference Between WiFi And LiFi

WiFi the most popular technology uses radio frequency to exchange data. On the other hand LiFi was invented based on light waves. Light can move 10000 times faster than radio frequency. So light is able to send and receive more data in a little time than radio frequency. Using this power of lights send and receive data and using internet is called LiFi.

Invention of LiFi

Harald Haas, professor at University Of Edinburgh has invented LiFi in 2011. Professor Haas build a company with Dr Mostafa Afgani for creating the accessories of LiFi on 212. The name of the company is PureLiFi. PureLiFi is the first company based on this technology.

Evolution of LiFi

Within few more years the bulb in our room will not give only lights but also give internet connection. So you may thinking what will happen if you turn off the light. But the matter is not like that. The intensity of the light will be so low that it is hard for human eye to see. So the internet connection will remain on. Researcher was able to send and receive data at 10 Gigabit per second using LiFi. Also LiFi was used commercially in a company of Estonia. They have acquired the speed of 1 Gigabit per second which is hundred times faster than traditional WiFi technology. This is not the end. A group of researcher of Oxford University has used 224 Gigabit per second internet using led bulb. In this speed you can download about 18 movies in a second where the average size of every movie is 1.5 Gigabyte.

Benefit of LiFi

LiFi is not only luxury for us but it is also a necessary solution. At present a problem is raised for using excessive radio frequency for wireless communication. Which is called Spectrum Crunch. In a result WiFi technology will be useless. As LiFi does not use radio frequency so there is no chance of Spectrum Crunch. Rather than radio frequency it will be possible to get 1000 times more spectrum. So in future LiFi will be the carrier of 5G technology and all other wireless communication. Also LiFi will save us from the harmful radiation of using WiFi. Another benefit of LiFi is the security. This network can not be hacked easily. So LiFi will add extra security for military communication and sensitive data exchanging. The internet communication is going to be more powerful and accurate with LiFi. If LiFi becomes available there will be a revolutionary change in internet communication.

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