How To Remove Duplicate Data In Excel

Microsoft Office Excel

Microsoft Excel is a software program developed by Microsoft. It is the most used software in the world. It allows to organize, format & calculate data with formulas in spreadsheet system. Excel is the part of Microsoft Office suite. The latest version of Microsoft Excel is 2019.

Today I will discuss one of the most necessary tips of Microsoft Excel. I will show you how to remove duplicate data from Excel spread sheet. It’s very easy to find and remove duplicate data from excel when it has only a couple of rows. But when the spreadsheet contains a thousands of data then it becomes harder to find and delete duplicate data.

But I will share a tricks with you. So that you can easily remove duplicate data from the sheet. It is not a big deal that how many data the sheet contains. I have used Excel 2013. But you can follow this tricks in any version of Excel up to 2010.

Remove Duplicate Data In Excel

In the above sheet you can see that it has total 9 entries. Among the 9 entries there are two duplicate rows. Row 1 & 5, row 6 & 9 has duplicate entry. I am going to remove these duplicate entry and make all entry unique.

Remove Duplicate Data In Excel

Mark the all cells & click the option “DATA” from the task bar and then click “Remove Duplicates”. A pop up dialogue will be appeared. Then just click “OK”. It will remove all duplicate entries.

Remove Duplicate Data In Excel

If you face any issue then let me know writing a comment here.

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